A quick exercise for your brain


A man in Mumbai committed bigamy by marrying two women at brief intervals, one without the knowledge of other. Somehow he was not brought to the notice of the law and though; if exposed axe would fall on him any day, he decided to get the best out of the situation while it lasted.

He was fond of both women and no special preference for either. One lived near Churchgate and other in Bandra. He worked near a station midway between Churchgate and Bandra.

After work he generally went to the station, and took that train which got into station first- Churchgate or Bandra. He arrived at his destination at random timings, but found that he was visiting his Churchgate wife much more often than the other, despite the fact that the trains were on schedules which brought him to his station equally often. The same thing had been happening for a very long time.

Can you find the reason for frequency of his Churchgate trips?

Slice it

The shape shown in figure below is a square attached to another similar square divided diagonally.


Can you divided it into four pieces all of precisely the same size and shape?