Welcome to The GECA Robotics and Automation Initiative Group - GRAIG! 

        Students of GECA bring you this forum to nurture passion for Robotics and network with people who share it. GRAIG is an effort to take GECA's culture of robotics - which is a legacy of our seniors - to a new level. This group is for those who are passionate and eager to work towards excellence in robotics to set new standards...

        GRAIG was formed to descend the knowledge and passion of Robotics that was started in our college by Jasraj and his partners. It was taken to new level by Vaibhav, Adwait, Mangesh, Abhijeet and whole GRAIG body . It was their inspiration and knowledge that helped 'US' to participate and win in Robotics competitions. By starting this group we try to help new generation of Robotics in our college: A way to thank all the GECAians who pursued the passion of Robotics and were benevolent enough to transfer it to us... 

The GRAIG Body

Vaibhav Kole 

Adwait Wasadikar 
 Mangesh Dhantole

Abhijeet Nandanwankar 
 Pushkar Pedgaonkar

Suyash Khiwansara 
Akash Chavan 

Vishal Valvi 
 Akshay Mohrir

Swapnil Bodkhe